Friday, October 30, 2009


PMR is over & this is my first post after it as well as the first for this month. Well; nothing much to say. Going through each and everyday pretty good. Btw HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Even though the school is having boring activities, there are some that are not as boring as it sounds like. & i mean real boring. Haha!

Anyway, Thursday's activity is the first not boring one. Spending almost 6 hours at the lake is kinda fun. Jogging around the lake was kinda lame though. A stranger in a sweater jogged pass us & said he's tired. Weirdoooooo! Who jogs in a sweater?! Who talks to strangers?! Lame dudeeee! After completing one round,we ate pizza. Woots~ Then they had explorace. Soooooooo exciting! Our balloon was the only one left! Go 3M! This is what we call team work. We won after all. Boo hoo!

p/s; Currently in LOVE with Park Ji-Sung & Lee Seung-Gi :)(: