Friday, September 25, 2009


Leaving me at home with my brother & sister is a torture! Good thing we were able to communicate better. My sis & i took some photos. LAME ones though ;DD Don't blame me for being uglayyy dude. Its against law. Well at least i think it is. They came home with my favourite famous Penang laksa & roasted candle nuts. Yummy! But I'm still not satisfied. Ruining the only time i could spend in Penang before PMR. Grrrr! I heard that the house is horrible. Lol

Friday, September 18, 2009


Am having problems with people who always spell my name wrongly. Is it really that hard to Spell-It-Right?! It's RACHEL.



Man this is never ending..

-No not Richard.
-Rishel :O!

OhMyGosh! Its just too many mannn.
Once again its RACHEL! ;))

No pressure.

OHEMGEE! PMR is just around the corner. Well; 18 days to be exact. But i am so relaxed that i don't even revise even when i know I'm really weak at BM & History. Geography is 50-50 still. After having classes with the Rasmus, I think I'm gonna flunk English too. Everything seems to be a long way to go. Instead of spending my time studying, I'd rather plan my future. Pfft! Dumb i know. I'm so afraid that I will not be getting straight A's. If that happens, I just set a record in my family. The first to NOT get straight A's in PMR. I mean among the 3 of us not including cousies. Brrr! This is so WRONG. Darn it!

p/s; People who hate me out there. DON'T CURSE ME! Or you'll get your revenge SOON. [I mean it]

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Being in the class with people who has the same IQ level really makes me sick even if its air-conditioned. Its not that I am calling them dumb. Don't get me wrong. Its just that they think by grouping people with almost the same IQ level will help us get straight A's in PMR. They are totally wrong and totally NOT helping at all. Having so high hopes on students just to get the school's name on the top 1 list for the best PMR results ever. LOL is this a joke? & they said no pressure. Look who's talking

Sunday, September 6, 2009

He said.

"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a mirror planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something special." - Stephen Hawking

I do agree with that. Human like us do have brains to think but 98% of them don't make use of it. The so-called special thing they do to make them something special is by polluting the environment. I repeat; POLLUTING THE ENVIRONMENT. I bet monkeys could think better than them.

Sunday fart day.

Darn it! I know I should have checked the timetable before going to bed. I know something was not right. Now I got to go to school early AGAIN. Gaahhhhh! I did taught of skipping the class but I need all the help I could get. No A's no rest. Thank god I got class tomorrow. Cause I don't wanna go to that class. That girl is just so annoying in every way.