Friday, January 29, 2010

More like cheap.

Paranormal? More like abnormal.
A Padini blouse? I got more than 5 this year and still counting.
Mere 11 marks? She won you & yet to win you.
A brat? Even if she is, she's however smarter than the so-called-innocent one.
Was Taylor Lautner's fan? Yeah right! Who was the one going all crazy bout Edward when Twilight premiered huh? Hell not me for sure, loser!
Loser like you really do have your own way of thinking.
I don't give a damn if you can see smoke coming out from both sides of your ears after reading this.
Because you have no right to stop me from doing this.
This is obviously my blog.
You're nobody & of course nothing.
& it wasn't me who invited you to read this.
If you still have your pride & dignity, shut up.
If not, go get a life!

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